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Project 2
Microsoft Network OS

Today, I will install Windows Server 2008 in a virtual machine. I will also install Active Directory in the server. I will then create three user accounts with different levels of authority, create three groups and three computer accounts all within the Windows Server 2008.
My plan is to walk you through the process with descriptions and snapshots of what is being done or configured.
I will first Start VMWare Workstation to start the server installation

You then select “Create a New Virtual Machine”, click next and select Typical (Recommended) option

Select the .iso file to install the OS

Provide the product key for the OS, the name of the machine and where to store it

20GB disk space is enough for the virutal machine for the OS, and store as a single file, it will then show you the summary and hit finish.

It will then start the installation with the settings you have already configured

Wait untill the installation is complete

The OS will now start

This will be the first window that will appear once the OS has loaded. This is the initial configuration screen that allows you to configure many parts of the server.

If your desktop looks like this, you have correctly installed Windows Server 2008

We will now install Active Directory into the server. Active Directory is a domain service that allows you to create users, groups, edit their authorizations, and more. Navigate to the Start menu, Administrative tools, and select Server Manager. Remember to click continue when the UAC box appears.

In server manager, you can configure roles in the server, configure how to use the storage, troubleshoot problems and add features to the machine.

Once you have opened it, select Roles in the left plane and click “add roles” on the right pane

The roles are what the server OS uses to run services like Active Directory, Application Server Role, DHCP Server Role, Fax Server Role, Network Policy and Access Services, Web Server Role, and other roles that makes the OS great.

The Add Roles Wizard will come up

Click next.

Select Active Directory Domain Services and click next. It will show you the introduction to the Role

The confirmation page comes up. Read it and confirm to make sure you are installing what you selected

If everything is correct, click Install.

The installation will begin and the results will be listed after it is completed. You should see something like this
It has one warning message saying that you need to use the Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard to configure the service, but that will be done next. Click Close.
The next step will be to configure the Active Directory Domain Service. The wizard will guide you in how to set it up and it will ask you the necessary information.

Selec the Active Directory Domain Services under Roles

In the screen that comes up, click the link “Run the Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard (dcpromo.exe)

The wizard will appear
Click next to start the configuration.
It will then show you a compatability message regarding older clients. Click next

We will be creating a new domain in a new forest. This is because this will be a new domain that will not be part of another existing one. The next screen will ask you just that. Select “Create a new domain in a new forest”

After clicking next, an error message may appear telling you that you cannot create a new domain because the administrator account in which you are in does not have a password. A password for the account is required to create a new domain.
To create a new password, type ctrl+alt+del and select “Change a password”
It will then ask you for the old password, the new…