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EDMG 345: Teaching Middle Grades
Instructions for the Technology Paper

Most people will agree that it is important for our students to learn to use the wealth of technology that is available today for use in our classrooms. There are wonderful benefits provided to students through the use of such technology. However, along with the benefits come some serious questions that educators have to ask themselves as they try to design instruction that incorporates technology. It is time for you to do some research to find out about the various types of technology that can help students to learn in better ways. To that end, you will be completing a paper discussing what you have learned about educational technology.

Specific requirements:

1. This paper will be at least eight pages long, but no more than ten pages. All appropriate APA style requirements will apply, so make sure you look at the Writing Helpsheets I provided the first night of class to help you.
2. You should research this topic using articles and/or books that are no more than five years old (e.g. 2007-2012). Look for articles that provide some pros and some cons to using technology in the classroom. You should look for at least five resources to use in this paper. Remember that you must use citations for ideas and/or quotes that are not your own words, and of course these citations must be done correctly in APA style.
3. Your paper should follow the requirements as listed in the “Essay Rubric”