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DeVry College of New York | Critical Response, Simple Answer. | Fledgling Government for a Fledgling Nation | Professor: Amanda Darling | Ulises Matias | 2/16/2013 |

This critical response is to the creation of a fictitious fledgling government that has (under my factious observation) freed itself from a tyrannical rule. Its chief desire is to rise above convention, and truly become a sovereign nation focused on its diverse population and religious variance. |

Critical Response, Simple Solution I have thought long and hard on creating a government that can be both fair, and just to any size country, and have failed as there is no right answer. I have chosen a moderately sized country, similar in population and geographic scope, to 19 eastern most states of the United States of America. I found this fitting, as these are the very blueprint of nearly all modern democracies, and so shall be the foundation of my proposed fledgling nation.
Institutional Breakdown The institution would be similar to the European Union in scope, not power. I prefer a traditional Congress' and House of Representatives' Power base, and a supreme Court of Appeals. I would add an Auditors Court to keep mind of the Supreme Court. Everything would have its check and balance. The sole purpose of this fledgling government would be to protect its people within its borders and abroad. No amount of safety of this countries people will be "traded" in whole or in part, for shown quarter or favoritism from this country's enemies.
The Various Party "Roles" The Parties would not be so stringent of their political views, or they face extinction (evidenced by history, and not some nefarious means of the central government). I would prefer many independent parties with varying platforms and religions as opposed to the assimilation of multiple platforms and religions under a few political parties (such as the assimilation of Paganism by the Catholic/Christian Churches). There should be a common "neutral ground" that should and will remain as such. It will be for the peaceful meeting of opposing parties; if need be, Militia, who have internal external, and governing grievances that must be addressed. This will be to avert catastrophe by way of revolution.
So, What Blueprint, What Structure? A federalist government whereas the central governments powers are conditionally assumed; with the expressed approval of the sovereign states. Higher lays relating to civil rights, and protection of basic freedoms will be deferred to the central governments from the states, not the other way round. Any state making case law in federal matters stands the test of the Court of Appeals and the Auditors Court. If found in error, the state court is disbanded; as mistakes in a peoples freedom, does not allow but ONE mistake and must consequently, and immediately, be rectified. Discrimination of Race, Color, National and Religious origins,