Instrumental Cohesiveness In A Cross-Correctional Team

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When a group starts working more as a team then it is important to make sure that they possess the proper teamwork competencies. A team will not be effective unless they are properly taught these skills and competencies. They ensure that the team can operate in an environment that promotes team cohesiveness in all teamwork accomplished. A few important aspects of these are group problem solving skills, mentoring, and conflict management. Mr. Brock could have enhanced his teamwork competencies by assisting the team in problem-solving, managing the team performance, promoting a positive environment, managing task conflict, and promoting perspectives that are supported by logical and knowledge based arguments.
In every cross-functional team leadership is crucial and it is important for the team to have trust in the management. A cross-functional team is comprised of many different people with diverse backgrounds that
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The type of cohesiveness that is more important to a cross-functional team is instrumental cohesiveness. Instrumental cohesiveness is “a sense of togetherness that develops when group members are mutually dependent on one another because they believe they could not achieve the group’s goals by acting separately” (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2013, pg. 314). A cross-functional team with a diverse group of people cannot succeed unless each group works together towards the same goal. This demonstrates the importance of instrumental cohesiveness because not only is it important for everyone to feel a sense of togetherness, but to also know that they each have a certain task that must be achieved to accomplish their mission. The management can enhance the group’s instrumental cohesiveness by regular updates of clear goals, sharing project responsibility, channeling member’s talents, recognizing contributions, and reminding the team members the importance of each group to the entire