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Instrumental Reflections
My development as a musician has improved greatly this year. This year I decided to take instrumental where I learned to play the alto saxophone and I also took guitar class where I learned to play guitar. I’m really glad I took these two musical courses because it makes me a better-rounded musician. Especially because I’m a singer, I’m looking forward to singing and playing guitar. My strengths as a musician are definitely the theory because although I can play well, theory is where I tend to be the best at because I can practice at home with the theory and I am a person where I rather do reading and writing then hands on, I think I’m able to focus better.
I believe my performance skills are very developed because everything I’ve learned in vocal class over the last two years. From how to get the audience’s attention, being comfortable or just performing to the best of my ability, I have learned to relax which helps to perform to the best of my ability. Although I am good at theory, I tend to be quite weak in reading music. In vocal class I can read music well but reading music for an instrumental is quite difficult for me. I know what notes they are, but when I am playing and reading at the same time, I can’t register the notes fast enough, so I would definitely like to improve on reading music because I think it would help me to have more confidence and also improve on my playing.
I believe my self-discipline used to be way better than it is now. I still try to discipline myself to do my homework but this year I find it hard to focus and motivate myself. I still strive to get good marks but I find I don’t have a lot of free time. I think I’m quite a good team mate because I tend to always give good ideas and work to the best of my ability but I’m usually the one to take the leadership role but in instrumental class I rarely do, because since I’m not as good as the other students, I like to stay back and just be a part of the team. As a composer, that’s where I usually am very creative and perform the best, because I love English and art and music, it has helped me to be a very creative person. I have wrote lyrics since the young age of 10 years old, since I’m always writing lyrics, it helps me to compose musical pieces