Insurgentive: The 5 Battle Of The Five Battle Challenges

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So I decided to take a chance and did the 5 battle match online. On the fifth battle, I ran into a guy with Lvl 50 E7 Darkseid (Silicon Carbide Batsuit, Omega Battleplate, Knife Collection), AO Deathstroke (Promethium Longsword, Kryptonian Battle Suit, Venom Injection System), and Doomsday (Mutated Bone Spikes, Blue Lantern Ring, Powered Escrima Sticks) +10 on all gear. Figuring he was probably a hacker, I considered quitting, but I'm going to bed soon, so I figured why not take a stab at it? It's not like I'm really wasting any energy. It was close, and I probably got lucky a few times, but it is possible.
In case you were wondering, I used lvl50 E7 Regime Superman (Kryptonian Suit +9, Promethium Longsword +1), Batman Returns Catwoman (Steel Claws +3), and Insurgency Batman (Bulletproof Batsuit +5). I built my team entirely through random packs, so forgive me for not trying to make the most strategic team.
Now for a play-by-play:
I start by juggling Darkseid down to about 50%, before the enemy (henceforth E) switches in Doomsday.
E gets some good hits in, getting Superman down to about 50%. I switch in Catwoman. I try to get some combos, but he uses S1, leaving Catwoman just below half health, block breaker coming in to play. He gets a few more hits in before switching in Deathstroke.
Deathstroke tries to start a combo, but I block, countering with Catwoman's S2, leaving Deathstroke at about 33% before switching in Superman, and immediately using S2 before E can use S1 or 2. Deathstroke is just barely holding on, at about 5%. He uses S1, healing to about