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Christopher Robles
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4 April 2013
Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution began in 1760 in England. The first type of industry to industrialize was the textile industry. During this revolution machines came into play which came to be called the factory system. Before this system there was the domestic system. This system relied on merchants being able to go to other people that had different skills to get there final product which they would sell. The Factory system took much less time and was able to have everything done in one place to get the final product of sale. Along with new machines came a new source of energy, steam. The steam engine was invented by James Watt in 1763. Along with a new source of energy came a new form of transportation, the railroad train. The railroad train burned coal to power its steam engine. This provided transportation to areas inaccessible by water. One advantage to the Industrial Revolution was that the population doubled between 1680 to 1820 which provided cheap labor and a demand for manufactured goods. The term capital means to money and fixed capital(factory and machines). The capitol required for the Industrial Revolution from merchants, plantation owners and banks. There were many changes due to the Industrial Revolution such as population and economic growth, the standard of living, women and child labor, classes and landscape. One of the biggest changes was population and economy. Some people said that the increase was so immense it could not be sustained indefinitely. Thomas Malthus argued that population increases faster than food supply which would cause malnutrition and famine. With the