Essay on Int 5rtp Cipd Diploma Resourcing and Talent Management

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Company Type: UAE Government and US Corporate partners -Military Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Centre for aircraft. Servicing of Military Aircraft for Middle East customers
The company are a niche business, supporting military aircraft activities within the Middle East. Employing approx 2200 employees, made up predominantly of expat employees from a mix of 20 countries. The main features we need to look at when determining the labour market trends are: Economic, Location, Scarcity of skills, Political, Technological Advances, Demographics.
Economic: The UAE GDP forecast for 2013 is around 4%, not dissimilar to the global market as a whole. There has been increased confidence and signs of recovery for the housing market in the region,
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We can build a pool of candidates from these countries to ensure replacement of aging population and possible disaster recover if required. This would involve international recruitment trips to these counties to ‘ring fencing’ the Talent Pool for future requirements. We will then have a large Talent Pool, which some nationalities can be moved onto other aircraft if required. In addition to looking at specific skills, generally with the growth and investment potential of the region, more and more people will be looking to move here to improve, lifestyle, earning potential and to live in a country which politically is very stable in GCC as well as being incredibly tolerant to western lifestyle.
In some areas the labour market will tighten:
For new aircraft there are limited nationalities we can recruit due to security issues and lack of skills elsewhere in the world. To attract these nationalities which will include US, UK and European, we will have to offer more flexible