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3rd century Christianity reaches Spain. A series of invasions of the
Iberian Peninsula by
Germanic tribes culminates in rule by the Christian Visigoths, from the 6th century until 711.

711 Muslims invade the peninsula from
North Africa, overrunning it within a few years, except for small areas in the
Asturian mountains in the north.

1478 Isabel and
Fernando, the
Catholic Monarchs set up the Spanish
1492 (January)
Isabel and
Granada, the last
possession on the peninsula. In
April Isabel and
Fernando expel
Jews who refuse

1492 October Christopher
Columbus, funded by the
Catholic Monarchs, lands in the Bahamas, opening the way for Spanish conquest and colonisation in the

1500 Muslims revolt in
Andalucia and are ordered to convert to
Christianity of leave Spain.

1556-98 Reign of Felipe II:
Spain absorbs
Portugal but loses Holland; the Spanish navy defeats the Ottoman
Turks at
Lepanto (1571) but its 1588
Armada is routed by the
English; and
Madrid is made national capital

1808-13 Spanish War of Independence
(Peninsular War):
Spanish guerillas, with British and
Portugese support, drive out the French occupiers. 1873 First
Republic: liberals declare Spain a federal republic of 17 states, resulting in chaos and restoration of the monarchy.

1936-39 - Spanish
Civil War: more than 350,000
Spaniards killed guided by Franco

1977 June - First democratic elections in four decades. 1975 20 November