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Kimberly Hoefer April 22, 2015 Delux Tool Case Integrated Case 2

The first thing I.M. Tycoon needs to evaluate all the organization current structures and how to better fit the business goals and needs. The right structure will determine the future success of the companies that will be involved. The financial obligations, products and service will be taken into consideration with the new recommendations. The new structure needs to see the different approach each company leadership has thus far and try to design a better organizational chart with new standards and goals. Another assessment is to look at organizational integration to assist with controlling the multiple companies I.M. Tycoon now owns. The organizations differentiate in their structures, so all managers need have a level of communication to achieve the overall mission to keep the business effective. My first recommendation is to develop a product divisional organization. A divisional organization departmentalize groups and units around products, customers, or geographic regions (Brasfield pg. 252). The product division will work best for the companies new structures. The product division structure allows the different companies to obtain centralization with ways to monitor and control costs, and make overall strategic planning. Senior management does not have to create new plans, but enhance what has worked in the previous structure.
The next recommendation is to implement a company name change that will place all the companies under the same umbrella just to operate as one business. This can help notify the public of the change in management, but not a change in the quality of service the company will continue to provide to each customer. Every individual company will maintain the overall company mission and vision, but according to the business needs each level of management would need to define the structure and that is where the organizational chart would help tailor that process.