Integrated Circuit Technology Paper

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Austin Vandermey
NT-1110 Computer Structure and Logic
Integrated Circuit Technology

The world of technology forever changed in the year 2011 when the Intel six-core I7/8 went into the personal computer. This transistor was a revolution because the transistor count hit over 2 billion on a single processor. In the year 1971 nobody would have ever thought that a personal computer would be able to have tens of thousands of transistors on a single processor let alone over a billion on a single chip. This revolution of technology just goes to show that anything is possible. For example, going from a vacuum tube as a transistor to a transistor on a processor that carries more than we could have imagined. The growth of the transistor is remarkably fast. In my opinion, the fact that we have come from a transistor with approximately 2,000 transistors on a single chip to over 4 billion transistors on a processor in a mere thirty years is baffling. This innovation in the technological world is paving the way for better technological advancements in the future. To think where we will be in even the next ten years is really a guess because the way technology is going anything is possible. The transistor growth over approximately the last thirty years is surprisingly fast because it is increasing at a faster rate than a lot of other technologies. I am very happy and fortunate to live in the society that we have today because the technology of the processor is getting so far advanced that we have bigger and better programs on our personal computer that enable me to stay connected to the world and also help me achieve my educational goals. If it wasn’t for this technology I probably would not be where I am today and the educational systems would be a lot different. For example, where would ITT Tech be today if it was not for the surprisingly fast growth of the processors and other electronic advancements? Through the use of Moore’s Law coupled with the track of transistors over the last 40 years we can predict where transistors will be in the future. Moore’s Law states that transistors capacity will double approximately every 1.5 to 2 years. Surprisingly it has hit the mark if not exceeded the mark every time. So, according to Moore’s law within the next 10 years we will be over 100 billion transistors. In approximately 16 years we will be hitting the trillion transistor processor mark. If our technology is very advanced at 4 billion transistors just think of the technological capabilities of a trillion transistors in 16 years. The advancement will be so great and so many things will be able to be done that has never