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Assignment for Integrated Marketing week 1

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1. What is marketing?
Throughout my personal experience, I think the word marketing can be divided into two specific fields:
Marketing can be a certain tool of communication between cooperation and consumer. We bring out certain strategies through consumer behavior, statistical result and latest trend in nowadays to create a project for the merchandise. By using the strategy we need to understand the customer need and interact with them through commercial, product and activities involved in the project. While sharing our project to the public, whether it is the direct interaction with the clients, customer feedback or even results from the database, we can find out a certain dialogue within the result and thus giving us the chance to not only enhance the way we present the project, but also creating a productive communication between corporation and the consumer for the merchandise.
From the article “We are all marketers now”, Steve Ridgway, the CEO of Virgin Atlantic Airways, stated what I consider fundamental for marketing strategy: “At the end of the day, we fly exactly the same plane as everybody else. If we get our customer off the plane happy, and they go on to talk about that and get others to come and then come back again themselves- that’s a huge marketing tool.” Whatever we brought to our customer with the product, it is the preference of the customer that matters the most to create a successful marketing method. Making consumer like the product was never the point, it is the willingness to believe in the product that makes the feedback of marketing the most powerful tool, for that the consumer themselves are the marketing tool as well.

2. What does the McKinsey Quarterly mean when it states, We’re all marketers now in the article? The article “We are all Marketers now”, the author indicated the importance of the marketing emergence in nowadays. Marketing itself withstands not only the by-product advertisement but also deeply involved with the corporate imagine and the company management. Throughout this renovation, marketers are obliged to guide our senior executives by finding a strategy to measure the emergence of touch points from different marketing methodology, enhancing our marketing tactics through the advantage of social media, creating web-based engagement with the broadcast media to interact and communicate directly and productively to our consumer, approaching customer perspective with extraordinary coordination within the company and renewal of latest customer engagement. In achievement to our productive strategy, marketers must create a conductive infusion within the marketing organization such as specified management to account for customer engagement, embedded functions within management to meet the demand, well-organized coordination between corporations in better understanding not only to the customer but also cooperation themselves, and finally a comprehensive marketing combining problem-solving strategy and data-driven results. In the end the Arthur made me to rethink what I considered the core value of this article, “To truly engage customers for whom “push” advertising is increasingly irrelevant, companies must do more outside the confines of the traditional