Integrating Product Design And Environm Essay

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As the emphasis on envtionmental protection and sustainable expense of resources is growing across the society,companies are now facing more and more pressure and expections to improve environmental performance.The central question is whether company development could be achieved with addressing environmental issues.The design management department,as a important role on launching appropriate product towards dynamic markets ,ought to consider integrating product design and environmental management.Some leading companies’ experience verifies that integrating product design and environmental management is an effective strategy for corporate to achieve sustainable development.However it is a comparatively mew field.Some companies express doubt about the necessity of this proposal.This report will analyze the reasons for integrating product design and environmental management.

The corporations should pay more attention to take a advantage of integrating product design and environmental management as a strategy for two reasons.The one reson is that in short term perspective this proposal could be beneficial to corporations’economy and reputation.A increasing number of people are interested in environmental friendly design.Meanwhile,comprehensive understanding of customers’expection is a major aspect in product production and marketing.Launching a innovative product through integrating product design and environmental management is likely to enable companies to improve sales.At the same time some companies focus eco-design strategies on recovery,reuse and recycling product,which could lower material and labor costs(Maria,2011,pp.1315-1323).Therefore,this strategy make a positive influence on earning more profit for corporations.In addition,implementing sustainable design could improve corporate image through reinforcing environmental performance. So integrating product design and environment management could support corporate stategy to cater to customer demand and environmental sector regulation and motivate designers to improve environmental performance,resulting in highly satisfied customers and increasing loyalty.

The other reason is that in long term perspective,integrating product design and environmental management could enable companies to develop potential advantages.It is clear that this proposal could bring new directions which have a profound impact on innovation promotion.Moreover,the managers could differentiate their brands through take advantage of the creative ideas to give rise to unique products.Consequently, integrating product design and environmental management probably become a significant strategy for companies to hold a important part of markets in the furture.

While some companies argue that developing product design and management methods towards sustainability way spend more time and cost and contribute to a final failture to accomplish the target of corporate new product projects(Michael,2000,pp.83-94).This problem is widespread in those companies whose economic development is in the early stage,because they do not have advanced technologies to compete with leading companies.The consideration of environmental issues will increase the cost of production,while the price is the only competitive