Integrative Network Design Project

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Integrative Network Design Project (INDP)
Manuel I Bonilla
February 9, 2015
Christina Spencer
Integrative Network Design Project (INDP)
Company Background
In 1998 Kudler Fine Foods was created by Kathy Kudler, bringing a long time vision and dream to a well-established reality. She had a profound passion for gourmet food and although she had no experience in it she envisioned her company to be the one stop solution for everyone’s needs, especially since in her neighborhood there were not many places to fine a wide variety of this type of food. Kathy started her journey with the La Jolla store which from the start was a success. Therefore, another store was opened in Del Mar. The Del Mar store is not moving as smooth as
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e) The retail store operations utilize NCR RealPOS 82XRT POS terminals and systems.
f) The six administration personnel (at present count per store) all utilize Dell Vostro computers. These administration personnel also share 1 HP Laserjet multifunction, networked printer.
g) The communications into and out of the Del Mar/Encinitas stores is ported through 2 Cisco routers and firewalls. There is the inter-store dedicated network and a separate 25Mbps link to the Ethernet.
h) The Del Mar/Encinitas installations also include 6 VOIP phones per store.

Current Network Shortcomings The main issue determined in the current network is the lack of up to date equipment to support the demand of a high traffic network. Although, the workstations seem fair for individual use purposes, the current hardware does not meet requirements to keep up with the data being transferred on a daily basis. Software is also outdated therefore network issues will arise with the use of old network software. Connectivity between stores does not seem an issue. However, with 31 VOIP phones within the 3 stores, plus POS network and computers running at the same time, bandwidth is also a shortcoming for the company network.

Network Topology Analysis The current local networks, are designed in a bus topology. This is not a very efficient or reliable way to distribute the networks since if the cables used to distribute bandwidth