Integrin and Syndecan are Essential for Heart Formation Essay

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Research Grant Proposal
Integrin and Syndecan are Essential for Heart Formation

The two research articles, “Syndecan contributes to heart cell specification and lumen formation during Drosophila cardiogenesis” and “Integrins
are required for cardioblast polarization in Drosophila”, describe the responsibility of the two transmembrane proteins Syndecan
and Integrin. These proteins were examined in relations of their effect on heart formation in the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster. The developing embryos in the wild type and the mutant type flies were analyzed. Moreover, the heart formation in Drosophila is very much similar to the human heart. In the wild-type species, gene expression for these proteins were present, while in the mutant type, they were not. It was discovered that these proteins allowed for proper alignment of lateral somatic mesodermal cardioblasts, which are somatic cells and tissues that are mandatory for organ formation. The flies that had these
proteins had an alignment of cardioblasts, while the flies that did not have these proteins; they had an improper alignment of the cardioblasts and an inconsistent formation of the organ. Accordingly, there is an obvious relationship with the presence of these proteins and proper alignment in the heart formation.
Integrins aid in the development of the heart by leading polarized information to cells, while moving towards the epithelial tube structure. Integrins signal cardioblast, which then forms the lateral mesoderm. This causes an intensification, which implicates them to meet their contralateral partner, where they manufacture at the midline. This results in the development of the lumen. Mutants, which have lacked integrin’s, are unsuccessful to develop in the lumen. Furthermore, integrin’s are not the only proteins that are accountable for the formation of the lumen in the Drosophila heart. There are also slit-robo pathway genes, which incorporate syndecan. The existence of both integrin and syndecan signaling protons, are essential for the development of the heart. Syndecan proteins interrelate with the ligands of cell surface receptors. They are dependable for the arrangement of cardiac cells leading to lumen, and the construction of the heart.
An experiment would be developed in order to measure the function of Syndecan and Integrin in developed organisms that contain inconsistent organs and organisms that have an accurate functioning organ. The two proteins, Syndecan and Integrin would be isolated and injected into the two fly species that have inconsistent organs and proper organs. The result of this experiment should conclude that if these proteins did have an affect on the cell alignment,