Intel vs AMD (company presentations) Essay

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Strategic Management

Intel is an American company founded in 1968 by Gordon Moore, Robert Noyce and Andrew Grove three chemist and physicist that decided to left their former company and start Intel in Santa Clara. In 1971, three years after its foundation, Intel creates its first microprocessor for its first big Japanese client, Busicom. In 1974, Intel opens its first design and development center outside of the USA, in Haïfa in Israël and then in 1985, its first Intel complex for the manufacturing of microprocessors in Jerusalem. During the 80s, Intel wasn’t the giant that it is today. It was only 10th biggest integrated circuits manufacturer in 1987. It’s only in 1990 that Intel becomes first in development and industrialization of microprocessors. In September 2006, Intel employed around 100,000 people with around 200 facilities in about 63 countries.
More recently, Intel is placed 4th in a table that ranks the most innovative companies in the world, with its 10,1 billion dollars in R&D in 2013, about 19% of Intel’s turnover. Last December, Intel announced a 1,6 billion dollars investment on 15 years in its factory in Chengdu (China) with the goal to implement itself in the phone market.
Advanced Micro Devices is an American company created in 1969 in California. It specializes in computer processors and other parts related to computers such as motherboard chipsets,graphic processors and so on.
Started in 1969 with 100,000$, the company becomes quickly profitable and enters the stock exchange in 1973.In 1984,the company signs a major contract with IBM as…