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What can be protected? In this case it is very important to differentiate patent and copyright. Selden obtained copyright in the book that explained and exhibited a peculiar system of booking keeping with arrangement of columns and headings. Then, in this case the ruled lines and headings are part of the book and are protected by the copyright. Copyrights protect the book but not the method or use of the system. Moreover, the validity of the copyright has nothing to do with the novelty of the art. However by copyrighting this book, it cannot secure the exclusive right to use, make, and sell the art itself he has described. As it was not patented it is open and free to the use of the public. Last but not least, copyrights do not protect ideas, neither an expression.

What rights are obtained? We need to see the distinction between the book and the art intended to be illustrated. With this copyright the author of this book has no exclusive property right no matter if the drawing never have been known or used before, and no matter the drawings and illustrations it contains. However, it secures to him the exclusive right of printing and publishing his book. Furthermore, the latter is given to the public, as he did not get a patent.

How the rights are obtained? In order to patent an invention or discovery of an art or manufacture and to obtain an exclusive right it must be examined by the Patent Office and it will be secured from the government. In order to get a patent