Essay on Intelligence and Perfect Environment

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AEIS 111
As geniuses, they have extraordinary ability and plenty knowledge by getting well education. Most gifted kids are highly curious and they have strong learning ability in the special domains, such as language, math, chess and music. Parents are responsible to explore their kids’ interests and find related resources to support gifted kids. For example, Jay Greenberg was Vietnam’s youngest champion, when he was 12 years ago. Jay has been arranged music lessons since his parents were aware of their two-year-old son had a special ability in music. (xxx 2003)Today more and more pushy parents expect their kids are more intelligent than peers so that parents enforce their kids to learn music, drawing, math and language in their childhood. In other words, it is worse way to raise a genius. Parents have no idea about the interest of their kids and pressure them to absorb plenty of knowledge which will lead kids to produce hate of studying and lose their interest. According to Weinstock said, “It's best to let the child's interests be your guide, and to follow the path created by his or her love of learning.” Even though some parents discover their kids have highly intelligent, do not pressure them to study everything. Interest is the best a gifted-education specialist, so parents should follow their kids’ interest to support enough resources and encourage them to improve ability and knowledge. Getting well education is important to child prodigies, on the other hand living in a perfect environment also is needed.
A perfect environment is the other crucial factor affecting kids to be geniuses when kids have had sufficient resources to support. There are two essential environments, home and school. Before starting the school, home is their first place to get the education. A harmonious family can create healthy, happy and sweet environment for kids so that they can keep their mind on studying and interest. For example, if the home fills with drug, alcohol and violence, do you think the kid will be a prodigy? It is possible to create a criminal or a nebbish. Raising a genius is a difficult task for parents. They have to patiently offer the right atmosphere in the home to help kids to obtain well education, such as academic atmosphere, creative atmosphere and peaceful atmosphere. There is an unfortunate story, Yusof gained a university place to read mathematics at St. Hilda's College, Oxford at age 13. She seemed look a child