Intelligence Quotient and Identical Iq Scores Essay

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Psychologist have went back and forth on wether ones psychological traits and behavior came from ones inherited characteristics such as genetics which would be nature, or came from the interaction with ones environment which would be nurture. There will be five ways discussing how heredity and environment influence development and behavior, Three physical and behavioral characteristics one posses and how hereditary and environment influenced these characteristics, and then how its is both nature and nurture thats shapes one psychological traits and behaviors. The first example we will look at will be intelligence. Some of the best evidence comes through the study of twins. The study’s showed that identical twins have a lot of the same genetic make up of one another. So in the study it is shown that identical twin that were raised in the same home which mean same environment had identical IQ scores, but the the identical twins that were adopted by other parents which means they grew up in different environments still had identical IQ scores. Then the whole environment part comes in and the children could be affected nutrition, toxins, formal schooling. so they way they actually grow up also shows to have a dramatic roll in how ones IQ will be. Because if a kid from a poor family gets adopted into a middle class family with the parents have some above average IQ’s study’s have shown that the kid that got adopted has an higher IQ then the kid that has not been adopted. Even malnutrition in the early stage of a person life will cause them to have bad neurological growth and will effect there cognitive abilities in their life. The second example is Gender. obviously genetics picks our gender out for us its not like we get to pick. Females are found to be farther advanced towards there adult status. So heredity affects the development in the physical aspect. Also in behavior because females grow physically fast the usually try to associate with older males. and thats why sometimes females behavior is to be attracted to older males. The third example is that the environment can shape how ones behavior will be. Since the culture that the person is surrounded by which is also the environment can shape the person ideas about gender roles will effect their problem solving ability in a sense because its found the more masculine is now associated with superior problem solving ability. Also in other study’s that have been preformed they found that individuals who have more dependency and social conformity have a lower success rate in certain areas of problem solving. The fourth example of how environment can effect someone is that the social expectations set on someone can help develop behaviors which will be either an asset or harmful to them. With the people surrounding this person with some sort of superior or inferior trait depends how it is looked at will gradually become in their own self conception of their self because of how they are treated and then the person will feel some sort of expectation on their self. These expectations will effect ones motivation and achievement. Also might determine what they will become later in their life. The last example that heredity and environment effects some one behaviors is shown from addiction. A drug addict is usually born with a certain gene in their DNA that makes them genetically predisposed to becoming an addict. So they could indulge in some addictive behaviors but they do not become a drug addict till they are introduced to an alcoholic beverage or a mood or mind altering substance. Because of the environment they are around, it will be determined if they will ever be introduced to a substance. In todays society its socially acceptable to drink and its becoming more socially acceptable to use marijuana which these can both become gateway drugs leading to addiction. One physical characteristic from heredity is that someone has brown hair. This is because of the genes you