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Assignment: Testing Intelligence
Did you feel the results were accurate?

According to the results of my IQ test on the Full Analytical Report, I scored a 102 or “higher average” score which means that I have the ability to achieve success in life and that I have a powerful mix of skills and insight that can be applied in a wide variety of ways. The report stated that “You are able to think critically and communicate very effectively and you also have the ability to handle most academic challenges.” I believe certain results were accurate, especially the part about handling “most” challenges academically. This didn’t come as a surprise because I am finding out that I cannot handle all challenges, but for the majority of my academic assignments, I should be able to complete them without a struggle. My highest score is in spatial intelligence where I received an “above average” rating. This score I found to be accurate for me because I can visualize an idea in my mind and come up with different results on how to achieve my ideas. My lowest scores are in mathematics and logic intelligence. These intelligence categories I received my lowest scores in surprised me and definitely not what I was expecting. I have a concern with the accuracy of this portion of the test. The reason this concerns me is because I am going to school to attain a degree in accounting with the ability to solve problems. I have always thought that accounting is nothing more than pure logic and I have never had a problem in this area before. I scored an average rating in all other areas of intelligence.

Was the test biased in any way? I feel that this test may be biased based on the fact that scores are calculated based on a person’s chronological age, life experiences, socioeconomic status and…