Essay on Intelligence and Cultural Affects

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Intelligence and How Cultures Affect Perceptions of Intelligence

In this essay, I will describe my personal definition of intelligence and explain how my cultural frames of reference influence my definition. I will compare my cultural frames of reference for intelligence with another culture’s frames of reference for intelligence. I will analyze the two online intelligence tests in terms of their appropriateness for use with people in all cultures. Last, I will explain why I believe family and environmental factors have a great influence on intelligence. Everyone has their own unique perception of what intelligence means. Our textbook described intelligence “as a set of mental abilities; the
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These people are not considered intelligent to us. The two intelligence tests were inappropriate for all cultures. It limits an accurate measure of intelligence, because only natives of that culture know the correct answers. With The Original Australian Test of Intelligence, it asks what number comes next after one, two, and, three. In my culture, common sense tells me it would be four. The correct answer to that question was actually many. It also asks a question about Sam, Ben, and Harry. It wanted to know which person was the nephew. I actually chose the correct answer, but for different reasons than it stated. I chose Harry, because Ben and Sam were smoking. The test stated that Harry was the correct answer, because Harry is not to directly face and conversate with Ben. With The Chitling Intelligence Test, it asks what a “gas head” is. I chose a person who has a fast moving car, but the correct answer was a person who has a “process”. I am still confused after seeing the correct answer, because I do not know what a “process” is. On the other hand, I got a few correct. I knew that Bo Diddley was a down-home singer and Jet was a news and gossip magazine. I guessed several of the questions correctly, but I could have possibly guessed wrong. I do not see how people from different cultures are to get these answers correct. There are too many differences in every culture, including terms, definitions, and phrases. I