Intelligent Design Essay

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Shelby Strachan
Philosophy 101 Judgment Day: Intelligent Design The subject of intelligent design, discussed in this video, brings up universal questions and perspectives that I believe should be incorporated into education. However, since biology is founded on strong principles of science; that being evidence backed up and supported with empirical evidence. I do not believe that the subject matter of intelligent design should exactly be part of the Biology curriculum, just a part of the education as a whole. I believe that this would not be disrespectful at all to other religions because I myself would not be offended if they presented other religions that were not my own in a manner suggesting that this other God was responsible for the intelligent design of humans. I am strong enough in my faith to stand strong on my principles and stand by my religion. I also believe that presenting the ideas behind evolution would also make students more aware of the various different perspectives people hold on this issue. Evolution and the claims it carries with it, are strong, and can leave a deep imprint on a student, and even leave them questioning their own faith. In this way, I see it to be only fair to introduce the other equally important side of the story. I am not saying that the subject matter and word of God should be forced to be seen as the “truth”; rather present it in a way that allows students to reflect on the different aspects in each, formulating their own