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Interaction is Key Our society has grown into using the internet for communication more now than ever. Interaction with others has gotten out of control with electronic devices. Between phones, computers, and tablets the internet is always at our finger tips making it easier to interact online instead of face to face. Choosing friends, solving problems, and telling your life story have become things that are now posted online for the world to see, instead of actually considering all the factors that play a part. Friends are ones that should be chosen wisely. When deciding what friends to choose people usually look for a good personality and sometimes facial expressions, but when you do this over the internet you have no idea how that person really acts. Knowing someone face to face builds a stronger bond for you have physical contact with others. Then on the other hand, people on the internet are easier to talk to. For you have a screen doing all the work and it is easier to tell the truth where as in person you hold the truth to yourself. Since using the internet to communicate, social skills have decreased. When using the internet you don't get the feelings or the tone people give off in a conversation. Having eye contact is a feeling of security when telling the truth or detecting a lie. When talking on the internet you have no clue if the person you are talking to is actually who they say they are. Talking online gives you the immediate reaction that you wanted, but in person you can get the point across clearer. You could also be telling the wrong person something, that may hurt you. The internet makes it too easy to lie about age, gender and location. If something does happen to you, you may not be found. This is how some predators find their victims. Creating or destroying your future lies in your hands. When posting things on the internet you can't take them off, so when posting pictures or places you go or events you go to just remember that others can see that. Relying on the internet and posting life stories or problems may hurt you in the long run. Telling your personal life on the web good or bad can affect some thing like jobs, colleges or your home. You are making yourself vulnerable to being hurt where when you talk to people in person it is only a few people that may know not the whole web. Using the web can cause complications. When talking online you can't interrupt people or interpret what a person is trying to say. Then in person you can interrupt right in the middle of one persons sentence and you can then understand what they are trying to say the first time they say it.
Also when online you can be doing different things…