Interaction: The Application Of Social Skills And The Awareness Of The Needs Of Others

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Outcome 1.
1. Interaction: The application of social skills and the awareness of the needs of others . An individual is someone requiring care or support . Influences such as: memory loss losing recall inability to speak disorientation misinterpretation of information variations in lucidity

2. Other factors such as: personality changes health changes environmental changes eg place of residence behavioural change social change lifestyle 3. Memory impairment effects such as: lack of recall not making connections use of demeaning speech use of inappropriate tone of voice challenging language using inappropriate words or sentences

Outcome 2. 1. Person centred approach:
This is a way of working which aims to put the person at the centre of the care situation taking into account their individuality, wishes and preferences

Identifying communication strengths through: life story profiling personality profiling health profiling one-to-one case meetings enriched care planning
2. Adapting style of communication by: using sign language gestures pictorial approach validation therapy reminiscence therapy memory books tactile approaches use of non-verbal communication

3. Reinforcing identity by: valuing the individual treating people as individuals giving information considering the current situation from the perspective of the individual with dementia enabling relationships with others
Outcome 3
1. To include : reference to memories and reminiscence , focus on likes and avoid dislikes , know which