Intercultural Business - Drug Tests in India Essay

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Case Study Intercultural Business im Studiengang
B.A. International Management
Thema: Drug tests in India

I Contents
I Contents II
II List of figures III
III List of abbreviations IV
1 Essential moral standards and norms 1
2 The practical value of economic ethics concepts 3
3 The RADAR concept 5
4 Business activity in India 8
5 Comparison of the cultures 9
6 Preperation for the NGO meeting 14
IV. Bibliography V

II List of figures
Figure 1: Overview of the different business ethics concepts 3
Figure 2: Points of the RADAR concept 5
Figure 3: Comparison of the differen cultural dimensions 9

IV List of abbreviations
BVVB AG Bacteria and Virus Vaccine Biotechnology
CRE Ltd. Clinical Researche
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The last concept is the charitable Business ethic concept. The priority is to gain the maximum profit and afterwards the company starts to donate a part of the money for charitable aims. The morality of a business action does not matter anyway.

Due to the descriptions of the different concepts it is clear that the BVVB AG should act based on the charitable business ethics concept. In the current situation it is the highest priority to gain profit and to be successful (=gain the maximum profit). But after having success the BVVB AG should use a part of the gained money to serve non-economical claims. The practical value of the concept is the possibility to define an eth-ical business aim and the commitment to act in a moral and ethical way.
3 RADAR concept
The RADAR concept serves to take a decision with the comprehension of ethics. In consideration of ethics in the factoring process it could be more difficult to find an easy solution but it might be more suitable for both parties.
In the following paragraph the steps 1 to 10 of the RADAR concept, as seen in the fol-lowing image, will be analysed and discussed. Figure 2: Structure and Points of the RADAR concept

Step 1 Determine if there is an ethical component
The component is the drug tests in India. The accomplishment of these tests is not un-morally - it is important - but the way the tests will be carried out is morally questiona-ble. The BVVB AG could hold