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Interest Groups

Many things are concerns for a student at Brick Township High School. However, there is one cause that should be addressed. Brick Township High School, needs to increase on the amount of field trip opportunities given to students, if any at all. This cause is very important, because field trips give students the opportunities to get engaged and interested in their studies. It not only lets students engage intellectually, but it also lets them engage emotionally and physically. This can result in a more powerful and memorable learning experience. Field Trips should be opportunities for those who have worked hard and deserve to extend knowledge they have already gained from their courses. Field Trips should be extended to Honors and AP students which is about one third of each grade. This would give many of the other students something to work towards. This will create a more creative and productive school. Many studies have shown that when students take field trips, testing scores and knowledge is increased. Our main goal, is to get students more productive and obtain a more enriched education. Tactics we can use would be getting the entire community on board with by raising money, sponsoring our trips, and showing that when a community comes together, our education system, and students as a whole can thrive. When my father worked at his previous job as head chef, my entire class would come in for the day and observe what his daily tasks/ jobs entailed. After, we all enjoyed a lunch and then went back to school for the remainder of our classes. Things…