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Da’ Quasha Thompson
Professor Tyler
22 October 2012
Interest Inventory
My name is: Da’ Quasha Shawanda Thompson. My friends call me Quasha or Shawanda. I am 15 years old. My hobbies are dancing, cheerleading, talking and texting, and band. I live with my mommy, Keisha, and my sister, A’Keyla. What I like best about myself I can dance and I are capable of doing the right things. What I like least about myself I’m getting fat! :( The qualities I like in other are good personality, good character, knows how to make me smile and laugh. I am happiest when I get things and people make me laugh. I think that my life is… AMAZING! A person I admire is my grandma because she’s an amazing woman whom I love and cherish dearly! Someone I think is amazing (but never told them is) Ms. Courtney Jackson. My favorite movie is Act like a Lady, Think like a Man. Something awesome that happened to me recently was that I got some new contacts! A character in a movie or famous person I am similar to is Lisa Ray because I’m fun loving, caring, don’t take any mess from anybody! These are some of the songs you can find on my iPod /MP3 are Did It On Em’, Put It Down and Up Out My Face Remix. Someone I trust is me, myself, and I. my parent(s)/guardian(s) wish I would make all A’s. You would be surprised to know, about me, is that I was a different girl when I was young. These are a few places that I traveled, (Washington D.C., North Carolina, and Savannah), outside of South Carolina. I never want to go down the wrong road and be a bad influence. Few things I really love is my grandma, my mom and my boyfriend. My