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Interest Profiler The last assessment conducted was an interest profiler assessment from onet. This assessment is used as a tool for career exploration, and helps you find out your interests, and how they are related to the working world. There are a total of 180 states that you have to answer with an L for like, a question mark if you are unsure, and a D for dislike. This assessment helps you identify different occupations that fit in with your interests. Three pieces of valuable information you can get out of this assessment are what is important to you in your work world, what your strengths are and what you excel at, and what you like to do. Even though this assessment had a lot of statements for you to go through and answer it did not take a lot of time. It was simple; either you like it, you are unsure about it, or this is something you dislike and will not do by choice. This was a quick and easy assessment to complete because the statements were short. I also did not have to put a lot of effort into it because I knew if I liked doing something and if I didn’t. If I did not know about something I just put a question mark and moved on to the next statement. . Overall, this took about twenty minutes to complete including scoring as well. Some of the questions were overlapping with one another such as singing and acting, and managing a supermarket and a clothing store. The scoring was the hardest part for me because it was printed out in black and white instead of color coated sections. There were six sections for you to receive scores; realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional. Each section had a color but was written in which made it harder for me to see. To score this assessment you had to go across each row and add up the number of likes, then another row of likes and add them together to get a score. For example, the likes from rows 4 and 5 which are colored green had to be added with rows 6 and 7, which were also labeled as green. Then you would add those two scores together to get our total score for each of the six sections. I scored the highest in the social aspect, with a score of twenty-eight, which was no surprise to me. As the score report states “ People with social interests like work activities that assist others and promote learning and personal development. They prefer to communicate more than to work with objects, machines, or data. They like to teach, to give advice, to help, or otherwise be of service to people.” Everything that was stated in this description fits with my personality and makes me feel as if I am in the right major because I want to help people and teach them. My lowest score, with a score of two, was in the realistic aspect. This was also no surprise to me because it says that realistic people like working more with wood, tools, and machinery, and that is not for me. It is also broken down into five different job zones. Job zone one is occupations that need little or no experience, zone two, some preparation, zone three, medium preparation, zone 4, considerable preparation, and zone five, extensive preparation. This can also be helpful when working with a client because you can see where they are with education, and how much effort they are willing to put in with getting a career. You can find out of they want to further their education and can help them with that if that is the case. This can also help in setting goals. This assessment is helpful to give to a client to find out more of their interests, and where some of their strengths and weaknesses lie. If your client is