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Interesting Gender Concepts For gender consciousness, I’m always curious about to know if each country is a little different. In China, gender equality is not that good, because most rural areas still put male first. As you know China has 58% rural population, so most rural girl want to be boys, only in that way, they can get equal treatment. However, I am not familiar with gender concepts in American society, so I made a survey about tomboys and sissies to understand gender consciousness in America. I find that most American people have strong gender consciousness and they all want to stay at their original gender, but I still discover some of them don’t like women’s some behavior. Hence, I think every people should have gender consciousness, especially, women should respect their own gender and keep behavior naturalness and thought independence. First of all, I will talk about the strong gender consciousness I felt by my survey. What is gender consciousness? Simply speaking is that people know their genders and do something according their genders, further more is that they want to stay at their original genders. In my investigation, there are one girl and one man leaving deep impression to me. When I asked that girl does she ever think to be a boy? She turned over to ask me. I told her sometimes I would like to be a boy. She felt very incredible and advised me to give up that idea. She said “I have always wanted to be a girl because I’m very feminine. You shouldn’t think to be a boy. You are so gentle and soft. Don’t you think our girls also can deal with most situations by ourselves?” I have no more words to refute her, because her thinking is right. After I completed asking all the girls, I found all of them have the same answer. They all like their gender, and even give them a chance to choose again, they still want to stay at girl. Thus, we can see most of American women are satisfied with their gender and more and more women have independent and gender consciousness. Now let me talk about the man. He is my English writing teacher, though he is 52 years old, he still has open mind. For my “boy or girl” questions, he answered like that “I did like to consider what the other gender is like though, I have been fairly content with my gender. However, I would consider being girl if I can rebirth, because I want to know different things and that is interesting.” It is very bold idea, but I still have to say he is satisfied with his gender because his interesting idea can not be realize. In his answer tone, I can perceive that he respects for women and has active thoughts, but in fact, he likes his gender and wants to stay at his gender. The other men which are in my survey all indicate that they don’t want to be girls. Therefore, from my survey, I found 100% people in American society have strong gender consciousness. No matter their genders are what, what kind of races they are belong to and how much age they are, they all like their gender. One of the important reasons I think is that women have already got the same rights as men in most areas in America. Gender equality is good popularity, so women can do many things in most areas by themselves, they don’t feel weaker than men. I think this is the root which China should learn so that most women also can have strong gender consciousness. Then I will talk about the small problem about women which is no obvious but is worth to pay attention to. It is hidden behind the gender equality. From my question survey about tomboys and sissies, I found 66.67% people were more acceptable tomboys. Even there was a boy told me that one of his best friends is tomboy. He said “She is lovely and we have many common topics. We all like sport.” However, when I mentioned sissies, he felt vey uncomfortable. He told me that though we cannot judge people, he still thought the behavior of sissies is sick, such as walk wriggle, becoming warped pinkie and speaking in