Interfaceraise Case Study Essay

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InterfaceRAISE: Sustainability Consulting

1. What is InterfaceRAISE’s value proposition? InterfaceRAISE’s value proposition is that Interface’s firsthand experience in implementing sustainable strategies, practices and culture will accelerate other companies’ leanings and performance in this area. InterfaceRAISE will be a credible peer-to-peer consultancy in this field due to Interface’s reputation as a successful pioneer in sustainable manufacturing. Interface have a record since 1994 of embedding sustainability into their business model and have successfully grown, found savings and delivered profits over this time. 2. InterfaceRAISE has three objectives. Which appears to be driving its strategy?Can all three be achieved
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In this way, InterfaceRAISE will be able to attribute value to the Interface staff who previously worked pro bono for InterfaceRAISE.


InterfaceRAISE Managing Director Dir. Business Development Project Manager - liaison

Sustainability Consultant Deep understanding of Interface’s business model, application, culture, brand and vision. Able to work closely with InterfaceRAISE once their business development meant that a client wanted to utilse Interface’s business model and experience in their own business.

Interface Employees selected for specific projects to be seconded to InterfaceRAISE and their time to be billed for by the consultancy to the client.

In terms of time and/or investment from Interface Inc., there needs to be first of all an agreed position that InterfaceRAISE is not revenue generating, but adds substantially to Interface in meeting corporate vision, mission statement, values and supporting the brand. InterfaceRAISE is part of a broad marketing strategy and its direct value is in fortifying the environment and sustainable credential of Interface Inc.


Time of selected employees would be required. Employees would contribute towards specific projects and work with InterfaceRAISE and the sustainability consultancy and their hours would be billed for by the consultancy. Interface would be asked to release employees for a number of