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Integrated Business Activity

Assignment part 2

Executive Summary
Computers R Us focuses on providing computers with good features at an affordable price, interested in selling and working alongside small, solo businesses to help them to become profitable. We focus on creating a strong relationship with the customer, therefore we make every effort to satisfy the customer’s wants and needs, and provide excellent customer service.

Table of Contents
Introduction 4
Management Report 4
Conclusion 10

1.0 – Introduction
The purpose of this report is to talk about the overall performance of the company, the extent at which the group’s objectives for the company outlined in the presentation for part 1 of the assignments will be analysed, how and where were the plans implemented will also be analysed, this will include talking about the timing of such decisions made, to what outcome the group thought would be achieved and what could have been done next time to achieve better results. There will also be a reflection on the report made by the individual where there will be talk of the group operation, for example, were there anybody who took control of the simulation and delegated the responsibility, and what responsibilities were delegated? The relationships between one another in the group, was the relationship between group members bad or good? Personal performance and the contributions made by one another will be written about, did anybody put more work into the simulation than the other, and how well did this individual do? Finally the module learning outcomes will be analysed to see if they have been met, the module learning outcomes for this assignment are: ‘Evaluate and observe the short and long term effects of management decisions’ and ‘Reflect on learning and personal development.

2.0 – Management Report
The objective for this assignment was to complete 24 months of the business game ‘SimVenture’, in assignment 1 our group made assumptions as to how well the business will do and a 6 month forecast was produced. In month 1 the group predicted that market research and competitor research will first be completed, this is illustrated by the screen prints below:

These screen prints provide the evidence to show that the tasks required to be completed for this first month had been completed, this was so that by the second month, the group could then view both of these reports and choose a suitable target market. The reports were done in the owners own time, this therefore meant that the total hours worked had to be changed to cope with the extra work. After reflection on this decision, the group should have paid for one of the research reports to be done; this was so the owner wasn’t overworked. The screen print below shows the hours changed to cope with the extra work, from 10 to 25 hours:

Month 2 predictions where to analyse market and competitor research, select a target market, redesign product to meet target markets needs, adjust the hours of work to cope with the redesign and then change the selling points of the products. As predicted, the group managed to carry out the tasks provided, market research and competitor research were analysed:
Once the reports were viewed the target market was then selected, the target segment chosen was service companies:

The reason the group made the decision to choose service companies was that the order frequency was 36 months and the order size was 3, this was so that the groups business, which starts off small, can cope with this small order size, this was so the owner did not become overworked over the 2 years if the game progressing. The preferences required were also limited, this meant the computers design did not have to be extensive to meet the requirements, the group felt this was a good decision to keep costs of production down during the 24 month period. With the choice of this target segment, the design of the product needed to