Interior Design Essay

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My lifetime goals are to become an Architect and integrate Interior Design and Real Estate. I want to be able to buy my own homes, restore them, redesign them, and resell them as my business.

My current activities in high school consist of my Interior Design class and my Principles of Architecture and Construction class. I love both of these classes because it has given me the foundation to reinforce my passion for Architecture and Interior Design. My Architecture class has influenced the way I think a lot. When I walk into a room, I automatically start to analyze objects and furniture to see if it can be moved to another place to better circulate a room. Then, my Interior Design class has taught me a lot about colors and lines and how well a room attracts the eye to certain things. I often want to change the colors of the walls and/or furniture to help bring contrast into a room.

My future activities are to get my Real Estate license and get an early start on learning about the important aspects of buying a home and strengthen my collaboration and compromising skills. Originally, I was looking into being Real Estate Broker, but as I looked more into the field of home building and selling, I noticed Interior Design and Architecture was more to my liking because I became more interested in the design and form of a home. Then I found that I could incorporate building, designing and selling houses. So, I am going to take Advanced Interior and Architecture classes in…