Interior Design vs Architecture Essay

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A Comparative Study Between The Practices Of Interior Design And Architecture And A Discourse On The Professionalization Of Interior Design

Interior Design and Architecture
Interior Design is considered a generally young profession. Throughout history, the differences between architects, builders, designers and other professionals involved in building a structure has been decidedly blurred and drawing the line between all the disciplines involved has been a rather recent occurrence.
The practice itself, has of course, always been around. From the moment early man decided to live in caves on mountainsides and figured out where the best place to build a hearth was and where to position the sleeping area, they, in theory, were
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Being so closely related, it is expected that there be a number of similarities and a few differences in the code of ethics and by-laws of these two professional fields. The UAP (United Architects of the Philippines) and PIID (Philippine Institute of Interior Designers) have codified and formulated set of principles to guide professionals and help them in promote the highest standard of conduct in the practice of Interior Design and Architecture.
To the client, the Architect and Interior Designer act primarily as a professional advisers to the client in matters of design, budget, materials and other issues related to the task at hand. The advice of course, must not be prejudiced nor biased. These responsibilities cannot be properly fulfilled unless the design professional's motives, conduct, sense of moral values and ability command respect, confidence and professionalism. For instance, after the Architect or Interior Designer meets a prospective client and talks about what services can be delivered, the client may inadvertently ask for some free preliminary sketches to help make the decision. Most of the time, these kinds of requests are made quite innocently, with the client not realising the work put into a design however there may be some clients who make it a point to accumulate as many designs