Interlopers TST Essay

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Christian Sanchez
English 9A
Ms. Cabanas The Interlopers TST

The Interlopers have many interesting characteristics in the story, with a lot of setting that will affect the reader’s mood. But The Interlopers has a setting that affects the story and its characters. Conflict between the two main characters is also changed by the setting. The setting of The Interlopers is very interesting. A dark forest, with two men who are seeking out for each other. This setting will add a surprise for the reader. In addition to the dark forest as the setting, weather adds more suspense to it. The weather adds additional mood and complications for the characters in The Interlopers, which will add conflict. It’s a wind-scourged, winter night that causes unrest among the creatures that were wont to sleep through the dark hours. The disturbing element in the forest pushes Ulrich to wish "if only on this wild night, in this dark, lone spot, he might come across Georg, man to man, with none to witness." The wildness of the winter wind accentuates the wildness felt by the character. The final use of setting in The Interlopers occurs shortly after Georg and Ulrich become pinned by the fallen tree. This might add the mood, excitement, to the reader for what will happen next. After exchanging curses, the two eventually realize that their feud over a useless bit of wild land is pointless, which reduces conflict. The cold, desolate, unfriendly, isolated winter weather has actually