Internal Accountant's Report To Management

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Internal Accountant’s Report to Management
Diana Liminovic
ACC/556 Forensic Accounting
Kimberly Warren


Since our company is preparing for an upcoming government contract bid, management has decided that a full Financial Status Review (FSR) prior to the release of the bid is essential. This report is to provide supporting information prior to the bid in order to evaluate if any irregularities with regard to fraud and/or abuse of the company have taken place and if so, to what effect. The report is divided into four sections, which will cover information on the effect of potential occupational fraud and abuse on the company. It will also discuss U.S. government oversight of accounting fraud and abuse and its effect on
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The only difference is that there is an intent to reward a business decision, rather than influence it * A common example is when purchasing agents are promised expensive vacations, etc. after a vendor’s contact is approved

Accounting evidence and evidence gathering methods

Gathering accounting evidence is a very common activity in auditing. Accounting evidence is being collected using investigative and auditing practices. For investigations, this is the evidence that lawyers and government officials can rely on