Internal Analysis of Evaguzy.Com Essay

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Internal Analysis of
To evaluate the internal configuration of the company, it is essential to describe the company’s strengths and weaknesses. One of the strong points of is evident in its business strategies. The company has a strategy that allows it to differentiate its products. this makes the company’s products inimitable and locks out competitors and rivals who operate in a similar market. The company’s business strategy also provides for the manufacture of end products that have a variety of colors ranging from pink, green, red, blue, white, grey, orange and black(, 2011). According to Cummins and Mulin (2010), it is a strength that the company produces environmental friendly products and this gives it an edge over its competitors.
Apart from this, the products come in a variety of sizes to suit the different needs of the company’s products. The text fonts are also varied with types like New Times Roman, Arial and Courier New. The goods are manufactured using either jute or canvas. The strategy of using a variety of colors, sizes and font in the production of the company’s goods ensures that the customers have a wide range of choice depending on their different needs and preferences. The pricing of the products is also considerate of the different customer needs in terms of economic backgrounds.
The company has established exceptional rapport with its dealers. This ensures that the order and delivery of raw materials is coordinated and done on time. The excellent rapport also allows the company to be able to bargain with its suppliers and to get competitive prices for the raw materials used in the manufacture of the products. This in turn, translates to a cut in the production costs and maximizes the company’s profitability.
External analysis of The Company
According to Cummins and Mulin (2010), one of the major threats to the company according to (2011) is its competitors. The company has many stiff competitors who also…