Internal Auditor Essay

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STUDENT NUMBER: 11505769 ECO130 Business Economic
Assessment item-1
Multiple Choice Quiz

(NOTE there are 20 multiple choice questions. You should allocate yourself 1.5 minutes per multiple choice question (i.e. a total of 30 minutes). This is NOT an open book exam. Choose the best answer from a), b), c), d) or e).
Q1 Economics is the study of a) the share market and its effect on consumers and businesses b) money and how it is used by society * c) unlimited wants and limited resources d)
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Assuming the all retirees refrain from working, the Production Possibilities Frontier would as a result of this change a) shift out b) shift in c) have a positive slope * d) have a negative slope
Q14 The demand curve for cinema tickets shifts to the right. This would be caused by a) a fall in price of cinema tickets * b) an increase in the price of DVD’s c) a fall in consumer income d) a rise in price of cinema tickets
Q15 Assuming noodles and oyster sauce are complements, a decrease in the price of noodles will a) decrease the demand for noodles b) increase the demand for noodles * c) increase the demand for oyster sauce d) decrease the demand for