Internal Combustion Engine and Hybrid Car Essay

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Date: November 17, 2014
To: Employees of Easy to Be Green
From: Easy to Be Green, Director of public relations
Subject: Purchase hybrid cars / vans for the company and employees’ personal cars
Becoming more environmentally friendly will benefit both the environment and our business. It will help our reputation and show we start making difference in the environment now.
When it comes to talking about the environment, we let our products and services speak for themselves. We demonstrate our spirited commitment to environmentally responsible technology. So how good it is if the company is going to have a hybrid car/van, and then what are the benefits of going green with eco-friendly cars.
The most obvious benefit of owning a hybrid van/car is the increase in fuel costs. A hybrid car will save the driver in fuel both in the city and on high way. Hybrid vehicles are better for the environment than traditional engines. For example, a hybrid car get 5 miles per gallon better mileage on average that a tradition gasoline power vehicle. And they don’t need to be filled up with gasoline as frequently, cutting overall gasoline consumption and cost.
Consumers want to act green, sometimes they expect business to lead the way. Whether we’re thinking about buying a brand new hybrid car, discounts are also available for the company and our employees when purchasing a hybrid car/van. We can drive every day with the knowledge that we have done something to help the environment.
In addition,…