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17 July 2012
The Evolution of the Porsche 911
The Porsche 911 has always been a powerful and technological as time has progressed. The Porsche 911 has changed from the 1963 edition to the 21st century in these ways: The Engine is now water-cooled. The car is now made out of aluminum-steel construction. The Porsche has a changed interior and exterior design. In the 1963 version of the Porsche 911 the engine was air-cooled. The air-cooled engine had some faults. Air is not a very good conductor of heat since it is a gas. The problem with having air-cooled engines is that the air cannot conduct as much heat as liquid engines. When the engine becomes too hot the air takes a longer time to cool the engine. Thus the cooling process becomes poor and inefficient. One of the perks of having an air-cooled engine is that it is smaller. In 1998 Porsche designed a new engine for the 911 that was water-cooled. This water cooled engine was more efficient than the air-cooled engine. Water can conduct more heat than air. So, the cooling process is more quick and efficient. The only downfall of the water-cooled engine is that it takes up more space because of the radiator. The Porsche 911 has had its construction design changed several times. In the oldest models, the 911 has always been made out of a strong steel. In the recent years Porsche has been developing a new construction design for the 911. A steel aluminum and magnesium design.
This design makes the 911 feel stronger, sleeker, and roomier than its older models. The design is also very lightweight which improves gas mileage, mass, and driving dynamics of the car. The 911 has also undergone dozens of changes of the interior and exterior design. The interior of the newer models of the 911 have all been designed to feel roomier and they have added new technology into the car. Porsche is planning in on adding a built in GPS device for the 2014 model of the 911. The dashboard has