Essay about Internal Competition - a Curse for a Team Performance

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Introduction 1
Question 1: What are the dysfunctional characteristics of the FIS project? 1
Question 2: What type(s) of conflict did the team experience? Explain your answer. 3
Question 3: Is the poor team development process a consequence of dysfunctional characteristics? Explain your answer. 6
Question 4: What course concepts contributed to the team’s performance failure? Explain your answer. 8
Question 5: What should the new team leader do? 9
Bibliography 12

Introduction - Internal competition - A curse for a team performance.
As the title indicates this assignment describes in essence a prehistoric dilemma that dates back to the origins of the human being. The individual and his eternal struggle for a
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It is especially a problem in this case because after two month of already working on the project, several new members joint the team. To sum up one can say that there is a lack of group activities and finally very low cohesiveness between the team members.
A further fundamental factor causing the bad performance of the team and the failure of the project is a lack of behavioral norms. Members of the group gossip about other team mates. It can be seen in the case that the team leader Rishi is talking to the project manager Philly and claims that Sara is not talented enough to prepare courses curriculums. Besides the gossiping there is also a way of bullying existing. For instance Philly accuses Sara in front of the whole team by stating that she misses deadlines although that actually is not true. In addition to that he corners Sara through advancing deadline dates.
Relating to the lack in behavioral norms it is also important to bring up the differences in attitude of working. Philly seems very lax to answer emails, to take important phone calls and to take care of the needs of the team. This attitude costs the team late hours in the office to meet the deadlines. As a consequence the team feels irritated which has a bad influence on the motivation and causes frustration.
The main task or function of the