Internal Control and Verbal Instruction Essay

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Describe an occasion on which you had to demonstrate ethical behaviour.
I currently work as an accountant in a not for profit organisation. I was initially employed as an Assistant Finance Officer in the organisation. I was responsible posting all income and issuing receipts. Processing all supplier invoices and ensuring that they are paid on due date, maintaining the petty cash float and ensuring that all disbursements were authorised and processing grant requests and disbursements. The procedure for the disbursement of grants to third party organisations is as follows: A written application is sent in by the requesting organisation or persons. The application is processed to ensure that all conditions are met and then the application is forwarded to the Board of Trustees with a recommendation and the basis for this. The grant is either approved by the Board or declined and this is evidenced by the minutes of the meetings.
We had received a written application from an organisation for a grant and this had been processed appropriately and forwarded to the Board of Trustees for approval. I subsequently received a verbal instruction from a manager to process payment to the organisation based on the approval of the Board of Trustees. I requested for a copy of the minutes of the meeting and was informed that it was not ready and advised to disburse the funds pending the preparation of the minutes of meeting. I however, politely informed the manager that approval in writing from the Board was required for the disbursement. He assured me that he had received a verbal instruction but I insisted and explained that the procedure required approval in writing. I also highlighted the importance of the minutes and explained that we needed the approval in order to comply with laid down procedure and also as an evidence of approval of the disbursement by the Board of Trustees.
After considering the above, the manager agreed to delay the disbursement of the funds until the relevant minutes of the meetings were received. What did you learn from this experience and how will it influence your future behaviour in the workplace?
This experience has taught me that internal control procedures exist for a reason and that it is essential that these are adhered to without exception. Also, that as…