Internal Intertailing: An Analysis Of Five Factors For A Retail Industry

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Internal Scan 2
Product 2
Value 4
Communication 4
People 5
Place 6
Traffic Analysis 7
Traffic Count: Fairweather 7
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Internal Scan
An internal scan is conducted in order to identify if the five factors of the retailing mix: product, value, communication, people, and place are present, and if they are working together in a way that it benefits a specific retailer. The purpose of this report is to determine if Fairweather’s retailing mix includes all five factors and if their specific mix is appropriate for them in regards to their female fashion department.
Fairweather carries a variety of female merchandise categories which consists of: dresses, tops, sweaters, jackets and coats, denim, pants, shorts, and
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Otherwise, Fairweather does not engage in any other form of communication which includes: newspapers, radio, or television.
The communication Fairweather uses in store causes psychological conflicts within consumers. Fairweather has their grand opening signs as well as their inventory sales signs side by side. With the grand opening sign, it communicates to consumers that the store recently opened and has only been in operations for a very short period of time, while the inventory sales sign indicates that Fairweather is trying to clear out their inventory. This causes conflict because for a store to have recently opened and are now trying to clear out their inventory, it leads consumers to believe the store is not very successful. When a retailer discounts a specific item that has only been on display for a short period, it means that the product is not selling and the retailer is trying to clear it out. In Fairweather’s case, it is communicating to consumers that other consumers, or the market are not demanding their products, and will deter them from making a purchase.
With this aspect of the retailing mix, people discusses how knowledgeable the staff is in regards to product knowledge, a retailer’s ability to get customers in and out efficiently, and thus, the overall shopping experience a consumer experiences (Levy, Weitz, Beattie, & Watson, 2011). In order to provide consumers the best experience possible, retailers need to have knowledgeable,