Essay on Internal and External Factors of Ups

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James E. Casey borrowed 100 dollars from a friend and started American Messenger Company, bicycle delivery service. In 1913, the bicycle was exchanged for a Model T Ford and the name was changed to Merchants Parcel Delivery. The company expanded from Seattle to Oakland, California in 1919, where the world’s largest delivery service was renamed the United Parcel Service, UPS. In 1930, UPS expanded to the east coast. Air operations began in 1953. In 1975 UPS became the first package delivery company to service every address in the 48 adjoining United States. By 1988, packages and documents were delivered to 175 countries. Success of this magnitude requires active management. Leaders must analyze and understand all internal and external …show more content…
Todays marketplace has become customized. Organization is a balance between consumer-pull and producer-push (Thomas et al., 2006). Legal accusations in lending practices and employee over time compensation have caused UPS to access Delegation and Span of Control. External reports and rankings have served as recognition and goodwill for the United Parcel Service. UPS has been one of Fortune Magazines most admired company for the past 20 years. Black Enterprise chose UPS as a 40 best company to work for and do business within relation to diversity. These rankings are used by management in Leading, to motivate employees and recruit diverse, high-performance team members. In 1978 competition from Fed Ex, offering overnight delivery propelled UPS to enter airline ownership, where now they are the 10th largest airline in the world (Thomas et al., 2006). Today UPS operates in numerous markets, worldwide. The competition is endless and innovative. UPS management must actively Control performance expectations through bureaucracy strategy, initialize change as the market commands and instill clan, controlling strategy with a shared mindset, and sense of belonging. Delegation [pic]Delegation skill is the ability to effectively assign task responsibility and authority to others.[pic] Delegation is a personal time management skill. In the past 30 years, business has gone from a vertical organization to a more horizontal. This change,