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Maha N. Younes and Stephanie A. Klein(2012). The International Adoption Experience: Do They Live Happily Ever After? Taylor & Francis Group, LLC

This study describes the fact of parents who adopted children internationally and their now adult adopted children giving the affect of international adoption on their lives. The regional researchers explored some information that include adaptation of the child and family, difficulties that parents and child met, influence on various aspects of their lives, the relationship between child and parents, the living environment for those considering international adoptions, and an adjective that can describe their journey. The result indicates the success of international adoption and how international adoption changes children's life. The most important thing is parents and children form a real family after transcend all the limit about culture and behaviors.

Monica Dowling and Gill Brown(2009). Globalization and international adoption from China. The open university, Faculty of Health and Social Care, Milton Keynes, UK

This journey gives information about global adoption from China and how globalization affect the city and countryside adoption. Globalization causes imbalance between richer and poorer regions. The children are adopted by rich country's organizations from poor areas because the richer countries offer greater opportunities and material wealth. The Globalization also had a impact on the worldwide adoption on both positive and negative side.

Elizabeth Bartholet, a Professor of Law and Faculty Director of the Child Advocacy program, Harvard Law School. International adoption: A Way Forward.

This article provides some ideas as how to establish a policy to serve children's rights in adoptive countries. It also talks about the issue through providing important new support for international adoption as an appropriate way to protect children’s interests.
Some bad effects of adoption are also mentioned like serious abuse and it is important to know the law exists can be used to punish those people. Although there are some restrictions, the adoption still has became a obvious phenomenon in the world.

Karin Price, Best Interest of A Child: An Introduction to International Adoptions. Journal of the North American Association of Christians in Social Work.
The situation of children growing up without parents is an increasing global issue. In this article, the author provides information about international adoption is one of the solutions for parentless children. She also presents her personal stories to show us how the people work in the field of international