Essay on International Baccalaureate and Ib Program

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2/27/15 IB Essay Cole Mueller

The events of the past year have shaped my understanding of who I am and who I want to become. In particular, I have realized the importance of a quality education and the potential it has to help me in the future. This is especially true if the focus of the program is on international learning, as knowledge extends far outside the borders of North America. The ups and downs of the past year have motivated me to pursue a higher education based on this premise – they have allowed me to recognize the significance of learning at an international level and the advantages of doing so. Perhaps most of all, the recent events in my life have encouraged me to strive to reach my full potential. From the beginning of third grade, my number one priority has been to maintain good grades while playing hockey. This balancing act has been difficult at times, but I have always managed to put my education first and it has benefitted me to this point. Furthermore, ever since the start of this school year, I have been searching for a college that offers programs that match my interests and ambitions. After some time, Baylor University emerged from the great number of options and grabbed my attention. It is known for its excellence in learning, a respectable hockey team, and an amazing medical program. Moreover, aside from having all of those qualities, Baylor also takes extra consideration for the students that were in the International Baccalaureate Program. However, the IB program is about more than giving me an edge on my college application – the knowledge gained from the program is invaluable, and it would help me prepare for whatever college I attend. Within the last year, I have also started considering possible career choices. This thinking led me to research professions within the medical field. In the end, the career that interested me the most was an orthopedic surgeon. Because of this, I have made it my goal to become one. And the first step to reaching that endpoint is to gain acceptance…