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International Iron Works
An Inside Peak
Cynthia Tuncap
Argosy University

Guy Post is the Vice President and Director of Quality CWI & CWE for Moran Iron Works in Onaway, Michigan. Moran Iron Works was established in 1978 by Tom Moran.The company completes and ships products for other companies around the world. A few examples produced by this company are platforms, stairways, railings, chutes, gates, and silos. The company has received many awards such as “Top 50 companies to watch” from the State of Michigan, The Patriotic Award from the Department of Defense and even an award from the Guinness Book of World Records for creating the world’s largest axe.
Growing up in Onaway, Moran Iron Works touched my heart. I remember every Fourth of July how anxious and excited I was to see what they had created for the parade that year. It is a large company secret and the only people in the area who know what is being built are those that work on this giant project of art. A giant eagle head, George Washington, and even a real working robot. This company definitely stands out.
An Interview with Guy Post
[Q] Describe your experience in international business dealings.
[A] All of our engineering and blueprint work is done in India. These blueprints are transferred via e-mail to the company for completion. Our products are shipped worldwide. We have built steel structures for Chile and Hawaii one of these was the base that holds the Hubble telescope. We also do a lot of fabrication in Germany for the United States government. There is an army base there that hired us to construct a steel platform.
[Q] Where have you had to travel for your job?
[A] Physically, so far I have only been to Germany and Puerto Rico.
[Q] What are some of the Pros and Cons of having to travel for work?
[A] Some of the pros would be getting to see different countries and learning different cultures. Other countries have different ways of building products and operate differently. Also, you tend to make better money when you travel out of country because you work longer hours. The only con that I can think of is being away from your family and friends.
[Q] What are some of the duties that you have to perform in your position?
[A] My job is to inspect the tools and workstation before anyone starts working on their project. I oversee workers and make sure that everything is up to the U.S. code and fill out reports on every project.
[Q] What are a few opportunities that you have come across while doing business internationally?
[A] I have noticed that there are a lot of opportunities to make money out of country. In other countries there are a lot of new industries coming to life and increasing cash flow.
[Q] What are some of the risks of dealing internationally?
[A] Our largest risk as a company dealing in metal and large parts is the shipping. While shipping our products we have to make sure that everything is sealed and cushioned properly else salt from the oceans or loading and unloading the product could damage it. If the piece does not fit properly when it gets to its location it can cost our company a large sum to hire somebody to alter the product in order for it to serve its purpose.
[Q] How has technology impacted your