The Increase Of Gas Price Will Affect Our Life

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If Mr. Rubin’s prediction is proved true, then my life will be affected in more than one way. The increase of gas price will affect my life the most. There is more than a reason why my life and people’s lives will be affected. There are so many ways the rises of oil costs will affect people’s daily lives. For example, the increasing of oil prices will affect the people for transportation and education. Along with rising gas prices, schools district will cope with budget cuts forced by reduced revenue from property taxes because there’s a large population of students take the school bus. Also, high school, colleges and universities students will have to take the bus to get to their school, instead of getting their by their own car. Personally, this will affect my life too, because now I’m planning to go to university by car but if the gas price increased, it will be challenging for me to take the bus everyday to save gas/money, I’ll have to manage my time more than before and I’ll have to check the bus timing everyday to not miss it and get late to my university, therefore I will not be able to go whatever and whenever I want. It will also affect my family, for example it will affect my dad’s job because sometimes he goes to work outside Mississauga and he owns more than a car that his workers drive, so this will affect him a lot because it will be hard for him to pay for the gas and he will have to find a job only in
Mississauga, this will also