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Plan for studying in the United kingdom

For my hometown tradition, my full name actually is Luo YangCan. And i come

from a little town , JiaYu , which belongs to Xian Ning city. I graduated from the

JiaYu No.1 middle school and high school . During the high school,I was be evaluated

the Xian Ning outstanding students . Now I studied at Wuhan university, and

my current major is International business. Those years of learning experience have

teach me to be an independent and confident person.

I have two reasons about why I choose to study at abroad. First, because I am not try

my best to study hard so I could not get a minimum points for good university, and

my parents didn't want me to study at a relatively bad colleagues,and by a accident

they knew that Wuhan university has an International cooperation colleague. Also

in recent periods, more and more people choose to study abroad after graduated from

high school. Second, since my childhood, i nearly never felt any pressure and my

parents help me to do everything, and I think that's not a good trend if they continue

to do this. So I think I will live independent if I study abroad alone. All the thing

would do myself and it can help me become a persevering person.So that two reasons

is why i choose to study abroad.

There are also has two reasons why I choose WTO Studies School,Wuhan University.

First, even though there are many other study abroad institutions, many of them

are informal, but Wuhan university has strong credit. Second is that after we

Can get Wuhan University degree certificate after we successfully graduate from

Chester University , this certificate may help us find a job in China.

To tell the truth, at the beginning I didn't know any information about Chester at all.

So I searched it from the internet, and i find that Chester University cooperation with

China's Universities began in 2010,and they have a few Chinese students, and I

realize I made a right decision. Because i know that nowadays many overseas

University has a lot of Chinese students, and that almost has no difference when

compare with study at domestic colleague.