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Analytical Report on Eagleton Eagles Entertainment

Brief Summary:
This report’s information is according from the Eagleton Eagles that are a minor league baseball team located in Hamden, Connecticut. The baseball team provides many ticket holders such as giveaways, contests, post-game fireworks and discounts on drinks to make people more fun. We use a survey to check the rate different activates on a 1~7 (7=excellent, 1=poor). Surveys were sent to 738 season ticket holders, and 319 returned the surveys with their thoughts. The report will talk about three topics, which are Pre-Game Entertainment, Mid-Game Entertainment, and Post-Game Entertainment, and to show which activities are popular and which of them are not.

Pre-Game Entertainment: Pre-Game entertainment is included the “First 500” Giveaways, Ethan Eagle, the team mascot, and the pizza eating contest. According the char, the fans love this part of the entertainment. 101 people rated “First 500” Giveaways a 7 and 93 rated it a 6. The prizes are mini bats, hats, T-shirts, seat cushions. The mascot was not popular with the fans according to the chart. 96 people rated it a 4, which means it is not very good. The solution for it is that the mascot should provide some candies to kids, plus he should communicates to make the fans enjoy during the game. These will make the kids and other fans happy and increase the rating. The pizza-eating contest was very unpopular with the fans. The biggest reason is that some people do not like seeing the racing of eating food because this kind of activity makes them feel bad. Therefore, we decided to delete this activity from the entertainment.

Mid-Game Entertainment: The dizzy bat race received the good scores with the fans. The rule is that kids run around a baseball bat 10 times, they try to race the field and the first child wins. The fans enjoyed with this activity, so we decided to not change anything this form of entertainment. The water balloon toss received high ratings. The rule is three teams of two throw water balloons to each other where the last balloon flying wins. This activity is one of the most popular for the fans, so we do not need to change the rule. Beverage Better (half price sodas if batter strikes out) received the #6, which means the fan love this activity. Buying drinks at this time increases profits for the Eagles, so we should keep this activity.