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A. Select articles from three different online sites relevant to your assignment. I have selected an article that named Mind Your Language from Austrade (Australia Trade Commission), which is the part of Australian Government.

B. Discuss the credible, relevant, objective and reliable information found on this site.

In lecture 2, the topic covered was culture, which was defined as “the socially transmitted behaviour patterns, norms, beliefs and values of given community” (Salacuse, 1999, p.45). Every culture has its own underpinning values in which the people of the same culture have shared values, norms, attitudes and behaviors. For example, at the beginning of the article Mind Your Language, a Chinese-born children girl is surprised to see Prime Minister Kevin Rudd speaking Chinese. So, why was she surprised? The answer is that although she is Chinese-born, she was born in Australia so she cannot speak Chinese and she was also surprised when hearing Australians talk in Chinese. Besides, that child said to her father that: “That is Kevin”. She calls directly the name of the Prime Minister. In some other cultures such as Vietnam, Korea or China, we usually use the words as “uncle”, “madam” or “sir” before the name of elder people. That is the way we show our repect to them. However, in Western culture, this value does not exist. Therefore, this shows us the diversity of culture.

Secondly, Belongingness is another topic, which is covered in lecture 1. Belongingness means that you are a part of an individual group or organization or society. This begins from the family then shows the connection to the state, country and international communities. This means that what one person in the group does can affect the rest and in turn, what other do can affect any individual. For example, in the last 5 years, there were a large number of Vietnamese students came to Australia for education. However, some people tried to stay illegally in Australia after graduated. This led to the Australian government has tried to tighten in the immigration policies for other Vietnamese students.

C. Identify how this material will be helpful in writing your report. The article provides me with the examples of how the…